A Timey Wimey River

I was watching “Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon” yesterday on BBC America and something struck me.

Though River Song is one of my favorite companions of the modern era of the show her history still doesn’t (and may never) make any coherent sense.

You have child in the space suit that IS River in 1969. And the River in this episode knows this.

Then they are chased off for 3 months and come back to it in Utah in an overly elaborate scheme with Zero point alloy.

Then at the end of the two-parter in Early 1970 River, who has been largely ignored by the plot defeating the Silence regenerates.

The next 18+ years or so are a mystery because she resurfaces as Mels- a little girl who ages, the best friend of Amy Pond in Leadworth, UK.

I mean Amy Pond was in her early 20’s in 2010 so she had to have been born in the late 1980’s. (and died in the late 1990’s /early ’00’s due the Weeping Angels) so Mels had to go from New York City in 1970 to Leadworth in the late 80’s then wait around for Amy to be school age in early to mid 90’s.

So what was that then?

Then in Hitler’s Germany, thanks to the Doctor,  regenerates into Melody Pond (the body but not the mind of River, yet).

So my question is, what happened between the unnamed girl and Mels??

The Silence and Madame Kovarian don’t come looking for her again until the 51st Century (which she was dropped off to after “Let’s Kill Hitler” to “grow up” then attend the University so they can transport her back to Lake Silencio in 2010.

But Amy was a Flesh Ganger and also gave birth to Melody at Demon’s Run.

See what I mean?

What happened between New York in 1970 and Leadworth in late 80’s , early 90’s??

We’ll probably never know. Spoilers? 🙂

how I met your Mother


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