Review: Last Christmas

As always, please don’t read until you’ve seen the episode.

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last christmas

Ok, first let’s get this out of the way.

It’s Doctor Who does “Inception” where you drill down levels of dreams to get to the core reality in this case rather than change someone’s mind. You rescue their mind.

Throw in “Alien”, “The Thing From Another World”, and to an extent, “It’s a Wonderful Life” mash them all up in an hour.

Santa is a delusion created by the mind because they are “at the North Pole on Christmas” is convenient since as we learn later they technically weren’t. So the question is raised, why the collective dream of a Scientific Polar Base in the first place? Other than you have to have a place to set it or else you get the first episode of “The Mind Robber” and that will make even less sense in this context.

4 disperate people, a Time Lord, and Clara. Why only 6. And why these 6?

Are there more??

I think since the Doctor says it got the idea to attack Clara from him did it get the idea to attack the other from him too? Did he know them? Did he cause this whole thing??

They clearly didn’t know each other in reality so how did the creature connect them and  why is the ‘pleasing fantasy’ to allow them to have their brains sucked out was a Scientific mission to a Polar Base when NONE of them are scientists? and the Doctor and Clara just happen to join in on the game??

Dreams have their own unique logic that seems to be rational at the time, but we in reality still have to understand it for a TV show and I’m not sure I understood the logical or illogical devices of this episode.

One of it’s guest stars was Michael Troughton, son of Patrick Troughton, the 2nd Doctor and this had that era’s “base under siege” style to it. But is that an underpinning?

Like waking from a dream, too many questions unanswered.

But Clara does get her Danny Closure moment and we get the “old” Clara fake out at the end.

So we all got served Red Herring from Christmas Dinner.

Clara will return. But for how long?

And was the “old Clara” scene the original ending until Jenna Coleman got cold feet??

See, more questions.

This episode was good overall, but underneath it are just so many unanswered questions.

I guess it was a dream, after all. A collective dream shared by millions around the world.

But I sure hope my Last Christmas is decades in the making, personally.

So where is MY TARDIS, then? Damn, no headache pain…just life as we know it. 🙂






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