Some ‘splainin’ to do

When not writing to Santa, Terry Wogan or indeed Graham Cole (Did you get my Melkur drawing? Please say yes!) Doctor Who fans also tease answers, ease worries or indeed, send comically oversized pictures of Traken’s finest rendered in blue crayon (I ate the brown one), to Steven Moffat – who once again has been debunking fan theories left, right and centre in this month’s issue of DWM.

First up, the fate of Ingrid Osgood who, after making her debut in the 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor, was briefly replaced by a shapeshifting Zygon.

Osgood then met her maker at the hands of Missy during Doctor Who Series 8 finale Death in Heaven.


Answering a fans suggestion that the real Osgood is still in fact alive, Moffat told DWM: “Nah. If it had been a Zygon, she wouldn’t have been killed so easily… Dead, I’m afraid.”

Which, even for someone who liked Osgood, feels like the right decision. Of course it could all be a cunning ruse but in terms of story, where Osgood added little to the admittedly meandering masterplan, she had to be off – even if it was quite a shock.

Moffat then got his debunk on again; turning his attention to the Orson Pink conundrum following the death of Danny Pink in Death in Heaven.

Here things are a little more oblique. Addressing fans concerns, Moffat commented: “I can think of several explanations, but the obvious one is that Orson comes from another branch of the family.”

He explained: “[Orson] knows about Danny’s heroic sacrifice, because Clara got in touch with the Pink family after the events of ‘Death in Heaven’ (because you would, wouldn’t you?), and told them what he did, and why. And she gave them the little soldier, as a keepsake of a great man and a great soldier – and because she knows the toy soldier has to remain in the Pink family line.”

“Now all that strikes me as pretty inevitable – that’s what would have happened – but I’m not saying it’s right. Nothing is actual till it’s in the show. Knowing how the season would end, we were careful, in ‘Listen’, never to define exactly what the connection was.”

Of course it doesn’t explain why Orson makes a reference to his grandparents being ‘time travellers’ unless it’s an honorary title given to Clara and the fabled Doctor – it’s not like that idea hasn’t been used before. Although, you can almost imagine this creating more questions than answers in the, by now, rather confused Pink household.

Despite Moffat’s insistence on its obviousness, it still doesn’t rule out the idea that Clara was pregnant during the events of Death in Heaven and, at some point after, she met with the Pink household and handed them the toy solider… along with a lot of outlandish explanations that, despite being necessary aren’t the most compelling thing to dramatise considering the audience would know this information already.

Perhaps, and this is way out there, this is one way the story was altered to accommodate Jenna Coleman’s delayed exit. After all, once she has handed the solider over; her story is effectively over. By not explicitly airing a conclusion, could her exit revolve around the birth of the next Mr Pink (No, not the one who doesn’t tip. The other one. The cyber one). (Kasterborous)

When speaking with Digital Spy, Peter Capaldi hinted that there may be more mysteries to uncover with his Doctor:

“I think it would be wrong to say ‘we’ve arrived’ – and that’s certainly not how I feel,” he explained. “I don’t think Steven [Moffat] or anyone else feels like that – I think that would be lazy and foolish. I think you have to keep moving – if he’s regenerated, he’s learning about himself and how he responds to the universe, so I think he probably will be different again when he comes back.”

I for one am hoping that and new changes will be subtle in nature. After all, Series 8 was a tremendous change in pace.


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