Mauve Alert!

**Political Alert**

Mauve alert is the universally recognized color for danger, signifying the highest level of danger, as acknowledged by most species in the universe. 🙂

The Politically Correct and the hypersensitive be aware I will offend you today. Oh, Ye “enlightened” masses. 🙂

Because yet again, the topic has arisen and my rant overfloweth. I hate Political Correctness with a foam-at-the-mouth passion.  I hate Orwellian manipulation of language and thought.

This headline from The Daily Beast set me off.

Doctor Who: It’s Time For a Black, Asian, or Woman Doctor

My immediate response to that was “yeah, anything but an oppressive, evil, white male“!!!

God Forbid! (oops! sorry, I forgot Christians are also evil, sorry!) a character should be what a character should be without the political influences of the Politically Correct crowd.

Does this mean I think no woman could play this part, No.

I’m saying No Woman, minority or other Politically Correct class or group should play it just for the sake of it and with the the way The Politically Correct work it wouldn’t be any other way.

They’d do it just to do it. Then celebrate their own narcissistic magnificence later.

The First Black President. Hey, let’s do it just to end racism in America. Yeah, that worked out well, didn’t it. You got a Divide & Conquer Liberal who makes it even worse. But hey, you accomplished your goal.

So next up, The First Female President, Hillary Clinton.

Does it matter she’s a train wreck?


She’s the Politically Correct Choice. Hurrah!

So is “anything but a white male” for The Doctor. The Politically Correct “right” choice.

And I don’t want to see the show that literally saved my life (see my earliest blog for the details) go down like that in a flashy show of “look at me” Political Correctness.

Can’t the Politically Correct just leave well enough alone.

Oh, hell no. They are the righteous. They have a cause to change the world “for the better” and to make everyone “the same”. Only they do the exact opposite. But since the have “good intentions” and they “feel good” about their oppression of thought and people that is approved by them it will never dawn on them how RE-gressive they can be.

And I don’t want that for my show.

Yep, that’s MY selfish need. You betcha!

Steven Moffat, the showrunner, said last year that he “didn’t feel enough people wanted” a woman doctor when he was casting Capaldi. He appeared to backtrack this week at a women in television awards ceremony when he suggested that the doctor could eventually be regenerated as a woman.

Gee, that couldn’t be pressure from the Politically Correct Thought Police now could it? 🙂

To do it, just to do, so THEY will get off your back!

What’s really interesting about this article is that after the headline and a little lip service to it the article really isn’t even about it, it’s about Peter Capaldi, the actor.

Funny that. 🙂

So why do it?

To grab attention. To be “bold”.

To be Politically Correct.

I say thee nay.

Let’s be “traditional”. That’s not a dirty, evil word, you know. Let it mean something and not trash it for the Politically Correct meme of the day.

I know we just need to find a Transgendered Lesbian Man who is not White and an Atheist Vegan and we’ll strike Politically Correct Gold!



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