The Darkest Day

For those who can remember December 7, 1989 I want you to cast your minds back to that date.

In Britain it would have been quite a morning (maybe not in the full realization) for a particular group of fans of a TV show, the day after cancellation.

We’ve suffered through this on many, many occasions in our lives and many more are to come.

But today, December 7th, 1989 was the day after “Doctor Who” was cancelled by the BBC.

25 Years ago. My how time really does fly…:)

“Survival” Part 4 had just aired the night before and there would be no more Doctor Who.


Accordingly, Andrew Cartmel wrote a short, melancholic closing monologue for Sylvester McCoy, which McCoy recorded on 23 November 1989 – by coincidence, the show’s twenty-sixth anniversary. This was dubbed over the closing scene as the Doctor and his companion Ace walked off into the distance, apparently to further adventures.

You just didn’t know it quite yet.

But you would.

It was over.

After 26 years, it was just over. Like that. You may not have known it immediately, but Dec 7th, 1989 was the end, and it wasn’t prepared for!

Like a death in the family.

But we are Doctor Who fans. We believe in Regeneration!

Something new was brewing…slowly…

When Doctor Who was cancelled in 1989 it temporarily ceased life as a televised experience through its weekly episodic format transmitted by the BBC. However, its ongoing legacy and history was maintained through other forms of storytelling, through other types of broadcast media. The development of these channels significantly involved the transmission of the franchise across traditional and new media platforms officially by the BBC and its license holders and unofficially by fan communities. There was also a convergence with technological developments such as digital video and audio and publication via internet. The fan audience, redefining what it is to be a ‘fan’, has invested its ownership into the Doctor Who franchise and created a further convergence in the way fan consumers become their own producers, sharers and distributors. Finally, the BBC itself has recognised the impact of these convergences in the way it has presented and marketed the new television version of Doctor Who in the 21st Century and employed fans, turned professional producers and writers, to shape the new series.

By the time the BBC announced the return of the television series, those responsible for its continuation had already overseen the brand’s initial transmedia development and, in effect, had laid the groundwork for much of what the BBC would then explore and expand upon.

Doctor Who hadn’t gone away but the way it was produced and consumed had changed and it was now a multi-platform accessible narrative in good shape to enter the era of ‘television 2.0’ where the BBC itself was keen to encourage economic, technological and cultural convergences to create an environment for transmedia stories to thrive. In 2005, the BBC saw Doctor Who as the perfect vehicle to offer multiple points of entry into a franchise, to develop new modes of engagement, and increase fan involvement. (Television Heaven)

But on Dec 7th, 1989, 25 years ago today, it was definitely the darkest before the dawn of the new Regeneration.

So let us reflect on our good fortune, for some day, this regeneration will come to an end as well, for change is spice of life and change is the spice of Doctor Who as well.

So in the immortal words of the First Doctor (and it should be the motto of any Doctor Who fan IMHO):

One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.





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