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Digital Spy was in attendance for a panel packed full of interesting soundbites – you might have already heard that Peter Capaldi once turned down an audition to play the Doctor, but here’s 8 more wonderful titbits from the day.

Doctor Who‘s Michelle Gomez: “I would love to come back”

1. Before filming began, Steven Moffat enacted the entirety of series 8 for Peter Capaldi – in his kitchen

Doctor Who series 8 DVD launch

© BBC Worldwide

“I sat down with Peter and did the whole series – and we more or less stuck to my stand-up routine,” the showrunner revealed. “It was the most hugely entertaining evening – he did the whole season for me in his kitchen,” Capaldi grinned. “I wish I’d filmed it.”

2. Moffat still finds the experience of making new Doctor Who terrifying

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman in 'Doctor Who'


“Each time you make a big shift, which we did this year, then you’re properly worried,” Moffat admitted. “It’s like being the curator of the crown jewels or something.

“At the same time, you have to shut that off in your mind – you’ve got to treat it like you own it, even though you don’t. You have to be bold with it – if all you’re ever doing is tending to the upkeep of the monument, then it’s not going to be a proper TV show.”

3. Moffat is responsible for even more Doctor Who than you might think

Doctor Who series 8 DVD launch

© BBC Worldwide

In addition to the four adventures he penned alone, Moffat was credited as co-writer on three more episodes this year. “I’ve written loads of Doctor Who that my name’s nowhere near and quite right too, because what I am doing is engineering rather than authorship,” he explained.

“But particularly in the early days of the new Doctor, we were trying very hard to establish a new tone for the show… so I got quite heavily involved in the first few scripts.”

He went on to admit that it can be quite galling when your work is attributed to another writer: “I remember once reading a review of a Doctor Who episode which listed a whole lot of really funny lines, saying, ‘This is the kind of thing we haven’t had since Moffat took over!’ – I wrote every single one!”

4. Neither Moffat nor Capaldi agree that this series of Doctor Who has been darker

Doctor Who s08e11, 'Dark Water'

© BBC America

“We never said it [would be darker] – we never said it at all,” insisted Moffat, while a baffled Capaldi added: “I don’t know what they’re talking about. People say, ‘Oh, it’s very dark this year!’ What does that mean? We haven’t put the money in the meter?”

5. One popular fan theory about the 50th anniversary special is utter cobblers

Doctor Who 50th - Jenna's hand


Once Missy was revealed as a new incarnation of The Master, one Doctor Who fan came up with a bonkers but compelling theory that we’d already witnessed her escape from Gallifrey.

Could the hand seen above be evidence of Missy clawing her way to freedom? Apparently not. “It’s my hand!” revealed Jenna Coleman, with Moffat quipping: “We don’t employ different people to be her appendages!”

6. Samuel Anderson didn’t know that Danny would die ’til the ‘Death in Heaven’ read-through

Doctor Who series 8 DVD launch

© BBC Worldwide

“I got that script on the day of traveling down to do the readthrough,” Anderson revealed, before refusing to rule out an eventual return to the series. “Orson’s still alive – there’s always Orson!”

“I walked into that readthrough and there was Ingrid [Oliver, who played Osgood] and Sam,” Moffat recalled. “I thought, ‘Oh yeah, I just killed them – I’d better go and say hello’.”

7. Doctor Who‘s Santa is a “Christmas hero”

Doctor Who Christmas Special


This Christmas, the Doctor will meet Santa (Nick Frost) – but for anyone concerned that this festive figure will be exposed as an alien, or a robot, you can relax.

“Santa could never be evil, for heaven’s sake!” gasped Moffat. “Santa is both real and a Christmas hero; any parents who are worried about that, Santa is presented as he is in real life – a great Christmas hero!”

8. Next series, Capaldi wants a run-in with some old-school Cybermen

Doctor Who - 1966's 'The Tenth Planet'


The panel climaxed with a spectacular exchange between Capaldi and Moffat, that culminated in the latter lamenting: “No women are ever going to talk to us again!”

The geek-off between these two lifelong Who fans concerned the mythology of the Cybermen, with Capaldi keen to reintroduce the more primitive version of the monsters from Mondas who debuted in 1966’s ‘The Tenth Planet’.

“I do love them,” he admitted. “The ones in ‘The Tenth Planet’ were more Frankenstein creatures with human hands – and the phrase ‘Mondasian Cybermen’ sounds fantastic!”


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