After inheriting Matt Smith’s TARDIS for a series, Peter Capaldi thinks it’s time for a new look.

Speaking at An Afternoon with Mark Gatiss and Friends about the prop reuse including the Sonic Screwdriver: “I have to say, the BBC are very responsible with license payer’s money. So they feel if they’ve spent a certain amount of money on a certain amount of props, then they won’t get rid of those props until they’ve been used. This applies equally to the TARDIS. It’s essentially Matt’s.”

Capaldi’s preference is for a more retro flavoured design: “Roundels. I like the old Sixties roundels. That was the coolest look and I think it’s also appropriate for the way this Doctor dresses.

“It’s got a sort of Edwardian look about it  – not the actual console – it’s the bits and pieces lying around. Cricket bats, maps and odds and ends and things. There’s a Jules Verne quality to it – I would like to make it more Bauhaus.” (an art movement)

Commenting on the lack of new sonic screwdriver for Capaldi’s Doctor, writer Gatiss quipped, ‘I amazed they’ve missed the marketing opportunity!’ To which Peter disagreed, ‘Well I think we should side step the marketing opportunities. I don’t think we should be too focused in that direction.’

I say, Bring Back the Roundels! 🙂


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