The Season In Review

I think it was a very fine season overall. It was very character driven, much more than Series 7 was because Clara was the center of the story but not in a “Impossible Girl” mystery sort of way. Her character was effectively re-created at the beginning of this season as Clara “The Impossible Girl” really had no character because she was a plot device.

So we had this new character who was a type-a control freak who was addicted to the adrenalin and the adventure of The Doctor’s world but had it rocked by our dear Mr. Pink. She wanted it all. She wanted Mr. Pink and her life with him, but she couldn’t give up her life as an adventurer in Time & Space either and in the end it cost her both.

And she became The Doctor, at least The 12th Doctor, that is.

And she became an incredible liar, even to herself. She was strong, she was decisive and she was tough.  In the end, she even lied about Mr. Pink not coming back from the dead.The Doctor lied about Gallifrey.

But she walked away.

Not in a Martha walking away sense though. She was not pining for The Doctor.  It was just over.

Now how this will be addressed in The Christmas Special is anyone’s guess at this point.

But also this series had everything thrown at the Fans.



The Paternoster Gang

And The Master all in once series.

It was a bit of a greatest hits of the past album in the end.

We even got the Cybermen walking down the step outside St. Paul’s and an “appearance” in spirit of Brigadier Alistair Gordon-Lethbridge Stewart, arguably one of the greatest companions of all time and a true “champion” of the human race.

The only thing we didn’t have was Sarah Jane Smith, in some form.

Otherwise we ticked all the greatest hits boxes.

But there was innovation in these hits. Doing the Dalek episode from inside the Dalek and thus looking inside this new Doctor.

The Cybermen “weaponized” the Dead, with the help of The Master.

The Master came back as The Mistress.

You even arguably got a new twist on Moffat’s all-time hit, “Blink” with “Listen”.

The Doctor finally met Robin Hood.

You had The Orient Express, but not the one you’d expect exactly.

And you had the companion put through the ringer like nothing before it.

But all these greatest hits were not done just so that they could be re-done. It was better than that. We could enjoy our nostalgia in a new way.

And Peter Capaldi…

What a performance as the “Grumpy Cat” Doctor with a heart of gold.

He took the character back to his roots, in the Hartnell grumpiness, but it was for a practical reason.

This Doctor was imminently Practical and pragmatic, to the point of being cold, aloof and heartless on the outside.

But on the inside, he was still the same kid who left Gallifrey nearly 2000 years ago because he just wanted to see what was out there and became the hero, the oncoming storm, and the mad idiot in a box.

I loved Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

I think the defining moment for me was in “Mummy on The Orient Express” when he was explaining to people who were going to die in 66 seconds to please give him some data so that he can defeat the puzzle of the monster but if they can’t eventually he would win, but at a much higher cost.

So, if you help him out he can keep the body count down as much as possible.

Very Practical. Very Hard. Very unemotional. Expressing emotions are not this Doctor’s strong point. But he does have them.

“I have to know!” He implored Cyber-Danny.

And that is the essence The Doctor, he has to know.

Danny becomes the Doctor, saving the world but also altering time – The Afghani Kid he “killed” he re-wrote History on that one. Clara becomes The Doctor and then walks away.

And the Doctor is saved from being a soldier, but the oldest soldier he knows.

And that, in the famous word of The Ninth Doctor he’s “Fantastic” because we want to know to. We want to go on that ride.

And it was very satisfying, in my view.

A season of very character driven stories. What could be better than that, really.

Happily Ever After, I’m Lying…:)

Bring on Santa Claus!

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