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Well, that wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to happen, but that’s not a bad thing.

The resolution of the “Clara Oswald does not exist” teaser was cleverly done actually.

And the fact that they played it up in the Opening credits was also a clever bit.

In the end though, he world is saved by…..a Pink Cyberman!!

And Kate Stewart was saved by her Father?!!

Yikes, what a finale.

The Nethersphere wasn’t Heaven. It was more like an iCloud version of the Other Place.

Now how the Cybermen rained down on the world and their pollen “water” made Cybermen out of dead people, especially people who’d been dead for centuries is a bit of a deus ex machina but it is scary. How would you defeat an enemy who can weaponize the dead?

That it is creepy.

Graveyards are creepy.

Death is creepy.

The idea that when you die you become a zombie Cyberman, no Thanks. Not an Upgrade.

But the other thing I noticed on consideration was that Danny Pink did play Time Lord, after all.. He brought back into the word a person who was dead. The Afghan child he killed was brought back to life. A noble self-sacrifice or just a cheat to not bring back the character so the two love birds can live happily ever after and he’s the dead person.

And where does this leave Orson Pink, exactly?

Was this kid’s death a fixed point?

How will this person who was supposed to be dead corrupt the timeline?

And where are The Reapers?

When Rose’s Dad was saved from dying (as he should have) they were everywhere. (oh, am I going all continuity geek! 🙂 )

Will they become a Taliban and kill people that should not have died and thus change the whole course of Human history?

Or is it just not a big enough paradox to summon them? (or did Steven Moffat even consider this??)

But love conquers all, even the love of a soldier, defeats the The Master/Mistress.

Ah… 🙂

But I think the Cyber Brigadier is a bit a cheat just so that THAT character does not get killed off.

Osgood, though, she’s ashes to ashes.

I really liked Osgood. The loveable Geek.

Saw lots of then at Gallifrey One this past February.

I wonder how many Missy’s we’ll have?

As usual the Master’s plan is over-the-top, giving Rube Goldberg a run for his money. Giving the Doctor an army, really? All this time and effort over 2 different regenerations of the Doctor just for that pay off?

But she doesn’t succeed in destroying the planet by his hand. She just wanted him to be her so they could pal around again like they used to back on Gallifrey.

Oh, and resurrecting a very obscure piece of Classic Who lore as one last Master Lie was brilliant.

The Doctor and The Master have always been the flip side of the same coin.

As I have said previously the telling scene is in the David Tennant episode where they both look into the Untempered Schism and The Doctor goes wide-eyed with wonder “Wow! I wanna see all that” and The Master goes mad and wants to control it all.

They are similar, it’s just the methods and the outcomes are different.

In the finest trope of the Super-villain he’s just the hero only dark and twisted. But this Doctor, not quite as twisted as he had been.

Clara and The Doctor knowingly lie to each other YET again.

He isn’t a good man. He isn’t a bad man. He’s just a mad idiot with a box who wanted to see the universe and get an adrenalin kick from the Adventure and goes around helping people the best he can.

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s
might, Beware my power, The Sonic Screwdriver’s light!!!

He’s The President of Earth, after all. He’s the Commander-in-Chief of a vast army.

They are called Whovians. 🙂



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