The Book of Moffatt

Today, we get Part 1 of Chapter 8 of The Book of Moffatt, the finale of Series 8, and likely many more surprises.

I am excited.

But I’m always excited by new Doctor Who.

So I hope this episode lives up to the hype and isn’t The Pirates of Dark Water (been trying for weeks to work that joke in).

We shall see, for as the Great Book says, The Moff Lies. 🙂

Alison Graham – Radio Times

Peter Capaldi is the Victor Meldrew Doctor Who; he’s abrasive, acerbic and has no truck with modern life. Honestly, having to tell a schoolgirl she’s “special” or she’ll sulk. He was rightly furious. When I interviewed Capaldi just weeks before his first episode, he told me he was “a more grown-up Doctor” albeit one who is still “mirthful. He’s serious when he needs to be, but he’s still quite comic.”

Capaldi has delivered brilliantly. His irascible Doctor is as far from cuddly and puppyish Matt Smith and David Tennant as it’s possible to be. He can be deeply unkind and dismissive, a man who is always exploring the boundaries of his restless, prodigious intellect.

But Capaldi’s Who is majestically funny too, particularly in his relationship with Clara. “Sorry, I stopped listening a while ago,” he tells her as she witters on. In his curmudgeonly way, he’s lovable.

And I think to date the best scene was in the Mummy episode where he implored people who were going to die in 66 seconds to give him more data to work with so he could “beat it”. Seemingly cold practicality but behind it is a love for people and for mysteries to solve.

That scene defines his Doctor to me so far, and I like it. 🙂

“I’ve described him as the Scotch-on-the-rocks Doctor – distilled, chilly, stinging on the palate but warming on the way down.’–Patrick Mulkern of The Radio Times

I’ll take mine shaken, not stirred! 🙂




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  1. ‘Tis bittersweet, the season finale. All things must end I suppose. Here’s hoping Moffatt has something brilliant up his sleeve.

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