Trick or Treat


Den of Geek with Director Rachael Talalay: You did bits of public shooting for “Dark Water” and “Death In Heaven.” Most of this is obviously shot indoors, but are you wary of public location shooting? Especially when you have such major spoilers to protect with this story?

When we shot outside in the two major public places – which I can talk about because of all the press – there were huge secrets to be kept.

We put out script sides that were incorrect. We published for the crew a script that was incorrect. The actors when they finally did the correct lines mouthed them.

We were outside St Paul’s Cathedral with everyone on their iPhone recording. I’m still shocked that the big spoilers, the secrets, have been kept until now. People were taking cameras and sticking them in the tent. Taking pictures of the sound man’s script! So I give huge credit to the team for figuring out a process! I so enjoy all the theories as to who is Missy and what’s going on!

How long have you been sitting on that major spoiler, the one that’s not broken?

Since April!

It all happened so quickly, me getting the job. I read episode 11, the morning it came to me, as I left for the UK. I read it on the airplane and I shrieked! The other day when we were doing ADR, adding in the dialogue, the ADR technician slammed the console and said ‘oh my God, really? Really?’

It was classic, and I thought yes, it’s going to work!

With this level of hype will it be a trick or treat?



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