Review: Flatline


flatline posterThis episode left me a little Flat! 🙂


Actually, the idea of a two dimensional monster is actually all that bad, but I just couldn’t get worked up about the menace. Maybe it was just that I was tired. It was cool, but literally, the episode was flat for me.

But I did like the playing with dimension, especially the TARDIS.

But this also felt like a bit of a Doctor-Lite Episode, though traditionally that’s Episode 10. But Peter Capaldi was very good in this episode also.

His Doctor as Pragmatically, dogmatically so sometimes, as ever.

But this one fell to Doctor Clara, and her companion Rigsy.

Jenna Coleman’s Clara acquitted herself quite nicely being Doctor-ish, at least 12th Doctor-ish.

They fun with the Psychic Paper not working quite as well for her as it would for The Doctor, but she blusters her authority all the way through and even saves her companion from a noble self-sacrifice. 🙂

But in the end, she had to be clever.

And this Doctor got to give his version of the 10th Doctor “It is defended” moment.

So does this make a turning point for our taciturn Doctor?

We shall have to see.

I am not going to bother with trying to analyze or guess what dear old Missy is up to, it’s a Moffat thing so it literally could be anything so I’ll wait until the end to find out what the heck this was all about.

But I still think it results in some way the doom for Clara Oswald.

And was it just me or did that “siege mode” TARDIS look like a toy version of The Pandorica?

The Mirror:

She is told that she excelled as the Doctor, but that none of it was ‘good’, and indeed the Doctor seems more remorseful than Clara over the lives that were lost in order to save the world.

Though Capaldi’s Doctor has struggled to understand humans, and hasn’t shown an outstanding amount of outward compassion towards the inhabitants of this tiny blue planet, he has often tried to understand monsters and aliens.

Perhaps the fact he waited until the final possible moment to take the nuclear option on the 2D invaders shows he isn’t so heartless after all.

And with Clara going from being disgusted by the Doctor’s lying on the Orient Express, to being forced into lying in Flatline, the companion has a new understanding of this difficult to understand Doctor.

Maybe their strained roller-coaster friendship can be stabilised and saved… but probably not.

Moffat doesn’t do THAT kind of fairy tale ending.

The 2014 ratings so far:

  1. Deep Breath 6.8m (overnight) 9.17m (final) 10.76m (L+7) AI 82
  2. Into the Dalek 5.2m (overnight) 7.29m (final) AI 84
  3. Robot of Sherwood 5.2m (overnight) 7.28m (final) AI 82
  4. Listen 4.8m (overnight) 7.01m (final) AI 82
  5. Time Heist 4.93m (overnight) 6.99m (final) AI 84
  6. The Caretaker 4.89m (overnight) 6.82m (final) AI 83
  7. Kill the Moon 4.81m (overnight) 6.91m (final) AI 82
  8. Mummy on the Orient Express 5.08m (overnight) 7.11m (final) AI 85
  9. Flatline 4.55m (overnight) TBCm (final) AI TBC

(iPlayer figures are not included in the ‘final’ figure)
(Live Plus 7 (L+7) counts those who watched live and all repeats, including iPlayer, within seven days following broadcast.)
(The Audience Appreciation Index (AI) is a score out of 100 which is used as an indicator of the public’s appreciation for a show.)



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  1. I thought the same thing about the siege-mode TARDIS looking like the Pandorica.

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