Review: Mummy on The Orient Express

SPOILER WARNING (as always)mummy poster

Doctor Who does a Mummy again, for the first time in nearly 40 years. “Pyramids of Mars”, a Tom Baker episode from back in the day was a scary bit with mummies.

While this Mummy was scary by the fact that the moment you say it, you had 66 seconds to live and no one else could see it.

But I did have quite the head snap when the after credit sequence opens up with The Doctor and Clara appearing to be chummy again which was a bit of a head turner after the meltdown Clara had in the last episode.

It’s a veneer though. Like the train itself.

But it’s also an addiction.

The voice behind Gus was addicted to finding out how the Mummy was killing people and gathered experts under false pretense  to try to get them to figure it out and then capture it so he could use it’s abilities. And it really wanted the The Doctor there to solve it, after all, he’d invited numerous times apparently.

The Doctor is addicted to the adventure. They Mystery. The need for  SOMETHING to happen wherever he goes so as to not be bored stiff by the blandness of regular life.

If he ever went on holiday an NOTHING happened he’d be bored out of his mind. He’d go loopie.

Clara, as shown by the end of the episode, has clearly snapped. She’s addicted to this lifestyle and she just can’t stop herself. A wobble, indeed…

She’s an adrenaline junkie just like he is.

And Mr. Pink is not going to be happy when he finds out.

There’s an intervention coming.

But whether it’s Mr. Pink, Missy, or just the Fates is yet to be told.

A lot of this season has had a theme of hard or unfair choices. Life’s a Bitch. 2000 years even more so.

Also, it must be said that this Doctor’s pragmatism is appearing to be heartless when he uses the next victims of the Mummy to gather data about it. And rather ruthlessly says that it won’t keep them from dying.

But I think it is more than that.

He was working on the problem. He couldn’t be certain he was correct so he isn’t one to project false hope and platitudes.

When faced with death, lets be pragmatic, analytical and solve the mystery.

As he said, if he could save her, he’d just continue using them until the problem was solved.

Just like a General on a battlefield. And the fact that Mr. Pink is a soldier and the Mummy was a soldier and we’ve had a plethora of soldiers and soldier-like situations is not a coincidence.

I just hope the Doctor was at Little Big Horn!

I’m The Doctor, I’m 2000 years and this is what I do and I can’t possible stop doing it.

Being attached in an emotional way  in the past hasn’t saved him from the heartsache, so lets just not go there, even if I do feel, let’s not show it shall we.

So he comes off as cold an calculating and he is to a degree, but he has so much on his to-do this that this is just the last check in the box of things so let’s get it over with and get onto the next big thing.

I’ll solve it  and then move on.

Eventually, Clara will leave and I’ll pick someone else up and we’ll do this dance all over again, and again.

There is a loneliness and a sadness I pick up in this Doctor.

He stole a TARDIS and ran off into the universe to see everything. Now, 2000 years later, it’s still what keeps him going.

But he’s been changed by the experience, as he says to Perkins at the end of the episode.

And to have a companion by his side to share it and show off his knowledge is the secret joy of his life. He doesn’t want to do it without company, to show off, to inspire, to share his time with.

He’s Pertwee. He’s the grouchy Hartnell. He’s the mysterious Tom Baker.

Jelly Babies in a cigarette case! Really??

But like a human owning a pet, they eventually go away or die and you have to get another one.

And life continues. But humans die quickly in comparison to him.

Such is the life of a 2000 year old Time Lord from Gallifrey…



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