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OCT 15th

Who’s a Who: Dr Seuss or Doctor Who? – quiz

Was “Think left and think right, think low and think high” said by a Who or Doctor Who? Figure out which Doctor said what in our tantalisingly tricky quiz


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11 out of a possible 12

You’ve watched the whole series, Read “Horton” in school, Wear a big striped silly hat And think bow-ties are cool.


Ready for some Arachnophobia later today?

Why This Makes Us Sad: BBC Logo Removed From Television Centre

A sad moment for fans of Doctor Who and indeed of television in general this week with the removal of the iconic BBC lettering from London’s Television Centre this week.

Over half a century after its grand opening by Queen Elizabeth II, the letters have come down in a symbolic moment which marks the impending handover of the building to its new owners for development.

It may only be bricks and mortar of course, but somehow the building epitomised the corporation’s position in the life of the country. It was known to millions way beyond its environs in Shepherd’s Bush, both for its uniquely quirky ‘question mark’ design and also, more significantly, its frequent on-screen appearances which came mostly in factual programming (think of Roy Castle and a cast of thousands dancing round the fountain in Record Breakers) but also numerous comedies (such as the anarchic Goodies episode which featured the building’s destruction).

Television Centre studios were also where Doctor Who was recorded for some 25 years, starting with The Aztecs in 1964 and running all the way up to Ghostlight in 1989. Just do a search for Doctor Who stories recorded there and marvel at the results… The Daleks’ Master Plan, The War Games, The Daemons, The Deadly Assassin, Earthshock, Remembrance of the Daleks…and so on.(Kasterborous)

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