Review: Caretaker


Doctor Who does Moonlighting. That was the first thought I had on this romantic comedy style romp.

The Doctor is the sarcastic, quick witted smart ass with all kinds of humorous “humans” jokes. Clara is the control freak that is frazzled by him, repeatedly.

And that’s not a bad thing.

I laughed more in this episode that I have all season.

The Doctor saying he’s trying to “be normal” but really he’s just egging her on with the act and the secrecy at the beginning because he knows she’s a control freak and he’s going to tweek her for all it’s worth.

There’s a lot of love in this episode between all 3 of the main characters.

But she doesn’t have eyes for him, “in that way”. Her favorite color is Pink, Mr. Pink to be precise.

“Ozzie loves the Sqauddie”, indeed!

Watching Clara become unglued was hilarious and Jenna Coleman is absolutely wonderful as her character loses it to two “clever” blokes.

The love and the caring between Clara and this Doctor just gets better and better, which means Moffat is setting you for something dark and awful real soon.

Clara can only burn the candle at both ends for so long before she gets burned and given it is Steven Moffat, she may be a pile of ashes by the end of it.

But now Mr. Pink knows about her double life. So how will she chose? Will she be given a choice?

Or will it be Mr. Pink who sees our Mysterious Missy?

I don’t put anything past Mr. Moffat.

After all, Mr. Pink is the “soldier” and he’s seen The Doctor’s “type” before and is she “being pushed” beyond her limits Moffat-speak for what’s too come where it does go too far and we have a Tegan-style “it not fun anymore” ending or will we have a Donna-style ending? Or Worse??

But I doubt it ends well.

That’s what we will find out soon enough.

But I did find it very interesting when The Doctor said (paraphrase),” You’ve explained me to him. But you haven’t explained him to me”. Capaldi played that rather dark and I loved it. It was a bit like your Dad looking at your boyfriend choice and going “Really? Why?? Well, we are going to have to have a serious talk about this later, young lady!”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Clara being unencumbered from being the deus ex machina “Impossible Girl” is fantastic and becoming one of my favorite companions.

Which means she has to meet a sad end. 😦

A very fine episode. Love Capaldi. Love Coleman.

Love a little gratuitous “spillage”. 🙂

I will hate to see it end. But all things must end, that’s Doctor Who for you.

caretaker poster


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