Review: Listen

“What’s that in the mirror, of the corner of your eye?
What’s that footstep following, but never passing by?
Perhaps they’re all just waiting, perhaps when we are dead,
Out they’ll come a-slithering, from underneath the bed…”


But if you don’t watch religiously, what’s wrong with you? 🙂





Ok, I loved this episode. Though, my friends now discount me saying that just because I do love Doctor Who so much. Well, feh to them.

I don’t like EVERY episode.

But I did like this one.

This one is an old fashioned creep out.

It’s not supposed to be high tech.

It’s an intellectual study of creepy.

The monster is never seen (after all, what was under the bed sheet??!!).

If someone had bother to tell me about fear in this way, and I had listened, I would have had a much different childhood. But then again, I wouldn’t be now writing this now would I? 🙂

The little fangasm near the end at Lungbarrow (look it up 🙂 ) with the War Doctor was a neat touch, though some of the people I watched it with last night were blase’ about it. Maybe, they just aren’t as in touch as I may be with childhood and fear.

But it also begs the question because she says to “never be cruel or cowardly” which was the Doctor’s “promise”. Did he also get that from her?

She told him to steal the particular TARDIS, and the Promise, what else is she?

Now that’s a mystery, for now. 🙂

Overall, it was creepy and was very well done. While it contain another “Moffat Loop” it asked a question that may have no answer. Like many things in life. But we humans like that challenge, to explore them, to explain them if we can.

And Clara had the date from hell, and a Time Lord to boot.

Clara is still the “Alpha Female” in this arrangement (as she was with the 11th Doctor) but she has to exercise her “control freak” in a different way and it’s not always her choice to start with as the Doctor has “things”. 🙂

I still think that all this build up of Clara is so that YOU WILL CARE when she leaves at the end of the year, unlike what possibly could have happened with “The Impossible Girl” at the end of last Christmas.

But Jenna Coleman is doing it with relish.

And this is by far the best Peter Capaldi episode to date.

His fascination with this subject (the Moffat Loop says why later) borders on the fanatical. It’s like this Doctor get an idea in his head and he goes all OCD on it until it’s solved in some fashion or another.

I think this is an amplified version of why The Doctor left Gallifrey in the first place.

He left, IMHO, because he wanted to see what was out there. His curiosity was bordering on unhinged.

But also a  companion 🙂 to curiosity is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the dark. Fear of the mysterious and potentially unknowable.

So Fear and Curiosity boil over in the young Time Lord and he buggers off to see it for himself.

Now why he took his granddaughter, and not his daughter, is an open question to this day. And some mysteries are good left unsolved.

And that is why I’m not particularly worried about the monster under the bed spread. It’s a mystery. And Life is a mystery, full of fear and curiosity.

Rightly so.

So get in touch with that inner curiosity -That inner fear- and don’t look, don’t even look, UNDER THE BED! 🙂

Just Listen

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