Calling from the Past


So how many of you got the Handles joke in “Deep Breath”?

But what I want to mention today is the Theme Music. I think I’ve heard that before…:)


Upon re-watching it, did anyone go “Don’t Blink, don’t even Blink, Blink and you’re dead” to Clara when the Half-Face Clockwork Man was standing directly in front of her trying to decide if she was real or robot? 🙂


Peter Capaldi’s full debut as the 12th actor to take the lead role in Doctor Who attracted the long running BBC1 drama’s best ratings for a series opener for four years, with a peak audience of 7.3 million viewers. (a 32.5% audience share)

The overnight ratings for Saturday’s episode compared with the 6.4 million overnight average audience that had tuned into the first Doctor Who episode of season seven in September 2012. The final figure was later reported as 8.3 million. 

These figures do not include viewings via iPlayer, the BBC’s digital VOD service, which has in some cases added more than 2 million viewers to the reported figure. The new season’s opening ratings also compare with the 5.5 million overnight and nearly 7.5 million final ratings for the final regular episode of the seventh season.


Warning: Deep Breath spoilers follow. If you still haven’t watched the episode yet read on at your own risk!


Steven Moffat has explained why he gave Matt Smith’s Doctor a cameo in Deep Breath.

He said [via]: “It just felt utterly right for what we were planning for Peter’s Doctor – and right for Matt’s Doctor that he would think of that as he was just about ready to go out the door. And you think, well it’s never been done before – why not?”

“I did wonder. I wondered when we sat in the cutting room, ‘Does this seem strange?’ And then you remember you’re making Doctor Who and you go, ‘Yes this does seem strange – that’s absolutely fine!’”

Moffat also confirmed that the scene was already shot during filming of 2013 Christmas special [via]: “We shot that on the set of Time of the Doctor which meant I had to write that scene first and then fill in some gumph about clockwork robots.”

The scene seems to have divided fans, some feeling it undermined Capaldi’s Doctor. But the man himself was happy with the scene: “I love Matt, I think he’s fantastic. He had a great kind of wisdom about him; he had this great combination of youthfulness and this very old soul, which is very unique, so I was delighted that he showed up.”

Think of that,  the underlying, and cleverer, theme was of age, and ageing, and looks, and perception, very nicely summed up when Claraasks the pretty lesbian lizard-lady, “When did you suddenly stop wearing that veil?” “When you stopped seeing it,” comes the reply.

So I wonder if the phone call scene was really for the viewers. All those new Whovians who have come to the show in the last few years and have only seen the young, lively, sexy “boyfriend” like Clara did.

I think maybe so. Post Regeneration episodes are traditionally about making the audience comfortable with switch over, after all, because they have to continue to watch and not go all “Tom Baker Groupie” (a phenomenon I found in Central Michigan when I became a fan whereby Doctor Who started with “Robot” and ended with “Logopolis” and that was just it) on them because the man standing in front of you IS THE DOCTOR, he just not THAT Doctor you’re used to.

He’s old.

He’s Grey.

But he’s still The Doctor

And he’s right there in front of you!

And I for one am very happy!

So all Hail The Doctor!

May he be with use for a long time.


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