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Musical WHO

Doctor Who and Music of course go all the back to the beginning because the Doctor Who Theme was the first electronically produced score in British TV history.

There have been many a song and video over the years, which are a bit farther down.

First, there is the Celebration from Cardiff in 2006:

The  grandest of them all, The Proms.

A prestigious music concert series held every year in the grand Royal Albert Hall in London:

Doctor Who had had 3 outings for a day at the Proms, 2008, 2010, 2013.

This where a full orchestra and choir have a symphony of Doctor Who Music and monsters.

Love to go to one, someday.

Imagine, live on stage the National Orchestra of Wales (which does the music for the show anyhow), a full London Choir and Doctor Who Music for 2-2/12 hours! 🙂

Here is the 2013 Proms, The BBC broadcast:


2010 (not full):

The same piece but at The Sydney Opera House!

So onto the music videos…

First the more famous ones (not always the best ones, either– see Roberta Tovey)

My favorite (even though it’s not my style of music)

The Go Go’s “I”m going to Spend My Christmas with a Dalek”

Roberta Tovey, Susan in the Doctor Who & The Daleks Movie and very 60’s:

Jon Pertwee, The Third Doctor, himself:

The Song For Ten:

This one’s Just Nuts:

But here’s Adam Savage of Mythbusters:

Ed Stockham, Chameleon Curcuit

Parry Gripp, Lead vocalist of the band Nerf Herder (made famous by being the band who created the Theme to and played on  “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”)

And we close with Craig Ferguson: