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A Penquins Tale

Frobisher is a Whifferdill, one of a shape-changing extraterrestrial race. What is assumed to be his natural form, as seen in his first comic strip appearance, is humanoid, pale yellow in color, three to four feet in height, with a round, featureless head, and wearing spectacles. However, he preferred to spend his free time in the form of a penguin.
He often thought of himself as a penguin.
He was very loveable rascal of a character.
He was a con man detective who originally was tracking  The Doctor for a bounty hunter but joined him instead.
He talks like a New York Private Eye from the 1930s.
Think Turlough’s character but done better and with loads more humor.
Frobisher, like the Doctor, made light of threatening situations and tended to make jokes at these and other inappropriate times. Despite this, he became a loyal and trustworthy companion to the Doctor.
And by far the best companion the Comics ever created.
And one the best Big Finish Audios is “The Holy Terror” written by Rob Shearman (“Dalek”)
Funny, scary, great storyline.
It’s what turned me onto Big Finish originally.
Still my favorite.
And Colin Baker on Big Finish, winner of Fan polls 2 years in a row, will make you a Sixth Doctor convert if you didn’t care much for the TV version.
He and Frobisher make a unique pair.
 And he did make appearances with the 7th Doctor too.

Frobisher – the penguin – first appeared in issue 88 of Doctor Who Magazine and travelled with both the 6th and 7th Doctors. He was a regular in the comic strips until he was written off in issue 133. Frobisher appearrance in the Marvel’s strips started in the gap between seasons 21 and 22; Peri was reintroduced starting with issue 104.

Frobisher was also featured in the novel Mission: Impractical and the audio stories The Holy Terror and The Maltese Penguin.

He also appeared in the new IDW comic Prisoner of Time  #6 so far.

With CGI these days, he might be a bit expensive but, he would have made an interesting addition to the Mad Man in the Box, The 11th Doctor.