Tristan But Brave

I love all the Doctors for different reasons. But I do have some that are above the others.

One of those is Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor.

He was the first Doctor I saw that wasn’t Tom. And he was wildly different.
Calmer, more sensitive. But what I liked most about him was the touches of snarky and sarcasm that crept in every so often. Sometimes it was a word or a phrase sometimes, or just an exasperated look.
One of the best examples of this was when new companion Peri asked him why he was wearing a stick of Celery on his lapel. A subject fans had been wondering for 3 years.
In some ways, he was the most British Doctor yet, with the whole gentleman’s cricket outfit. Stiff upper lip and all that.

His Doctor doesn’t have the confidence and the swagger that many Doctors have. But he can still command authority, just not as brashly or as confidently as other Doctors.

He wanted to have to that air of authority, but he just didn’t.

Hence, the title of this blog. The title comes from a assertion by a young  fan about how he should play the part, he said, “Tristan but brave”. Tristan being his very famous part in “All Creatures, Great and Small’.

I can relate to that. And I think that’s one of the reasons why I like him so much.

I want to be the 7th Doctor, but instead I’m the 5th and act many times like the 2nd or the 11th.

So we have favorite Doctors, I think, that reflect us more, and the 5th Doctor does for me.

When I saw him for the first time I was in my mid-twenties. He was on at about the time I had my mental issues so it may go deeper than I thought prior to writing this blog. I will have to consider that further.

I bought a Fifth Doctor Costume in the Dealers room at TARDIS 21 in Chicago. Though the pants died decades ago, like Peter himself for “Time Crash”  I manage to this day to squeeze into mine.

Many people say the first Doctor you see is “your Doctor”, in my case I think it was the 2nd.

Peter Davison is “my Doctor”.

And I also just love Peter Davison sense of humor about himself, as demonstrated in these should-be legendary videos created by Peter himself for Gallifrey One, two years in a row, when he had to miss a Convention at the last minute because of getting a job in the West End.

It has the same kind of endearing charm that Peter brought to his Doctor all those years ago.

and the 2011 Sequel:

The better copy of #2 is at but wordpress won’t let me upload it.

The fact that his future Son-in-Law is in them is even funnier.

oh, and the cameos… 🙂

I’m a sucker for self-deprecating humor.

That’s “my Doctor”

Me and Barrowman j

2013: Yes, that is still the costume I bought in 1984!, except for the pants (which are beige to fit in with what Peter once described as a “vision in beige”).

“You were My Doctor…” 🙂

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