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Movie Level Idea

The Silurians.


One of my Favorite monsters on Doctor Who. Although “monster” is not really the best term for Homo Reptilia.

While they are also called Eocenes when paired with their more aquatic cousins, The Sea Devils, who sadly have not been revived by the modern series, the name of course is not really accurate, but let’s not pick at nits.

Hence, this where I got the name of my internet domain – eocene arizona.

They are a truly wonderful creation.

An intelligent race of reptiles that were around before man. But due to a scientific miscalculation about the arrival of the moon they went into hibernation (or on an Ark as seen in the episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship“) and didn’t wake up in the proper time and Mankind evolved and took over the planet.

Now every time they come out Mankind is confronted with a “monster” that isn’t a Monster because legitimately they were here first.

“This is our planet. We were here before man. We ruled this world millions of years ago.”

Love it.

Doctor Who & The Silurians was the first serial with them. It’s 1970. The Doctor has recently regenerated when he runs across them when a Nuclear Power station awake a tribe of them.

They were defending their tribe. True, some of them were a bit xenophobic, but the Doctor was there to try and smooth that out.

But so was U.N.I.T.

Love that ending where the Humans end up being the xenophobes too and the Doctor is left to ponder the morality of it all.

The Silurians bring out the Morality Tale in Doctor Who very well.

Great episode.

The Silurians are as complex and complicated as Humans. They have the same fears. The same tendencies. They are a reflection of us.


In 1972, their aquatic cousins were introduced. Not quite as successfully.

The 1984, in my opinion, the least successful episode, Warriors of the Deep, was aired with one of the most infamously bad monsters ever, The Myrka.

A Spectacular Failure.

Which this great idea did not deserve.

But the story itself had some worth in the fact that this was a direct result of the Brigadier blowing them up previously and they were a little pissed about it.

It was an allegory for the Cold War.

And the Doctor is the one that had to make the decision to destroy them this time. Peter Davison did a good job showing the anguish of a no-win scenario.

But then they faded into Doctor Who History for 26 years.

Until 2010.

When they returned in “Hungry Earth” and “Cold Blood”

They were much more stylish, but they were the same complicated race of beings as they had always been.

They were back on form.

And the Doctor was there as mediator again.

The look on Matt Smith’s Doctor when he figures out who they are is a joyous piece of acting.

And it’s the Silurians leader who decides that Mankind is not ready for them and they go back into hibernation this time.

A very different outcome.

And Neve Mcintosh becomes a Doctor  Who Star from her performance as she’s asked back to play the sword wielding Victorian “Sherlock Holmes” Lady Vastra.

And she showed up at this years Proms broadcast.

So at this Silurian is front and center for now, in the public consciousness as they should be.

Such a stellar idea should not go to waste.

One novel, that I read some time ago, In Seventh Doctor Virgin New Adventures novel Blood Heat (1993), Silurians of an alternate reality have conquered Earth after the Third Doctor was killed in their initial appearance was a wonderful read.

Then when I was in Cardiff last year there was a block of flats on the main road to the Millennium center.
Notice the name… 🙂
Silurian Place
Capture-Silurian Place
It could a coincidence. But I was amused by it.
So here’s to Homo Reptilia, one the great ideas of Doctor Who!

Silurians and Sea Devils

Warriors of The Deep: